Career start at Messerschmitt

A warm welcome to Philina Schielein! We’re happy that Philina starts her apprenticeship for marketing and sales at Messerschmitt. In the course of her training, she will not only gain profound skills at our headquarters in Schwaig near Nuremberg, but also exciting insights and hands-on experience at our marketing service provider. We wish her a happy and successful time in our team!

Join us on our virtual Guest Journey

Let us walk you through our technological products and solutions. We have prepared an interactive Guest Journey on our Website, that gives you a clear overview on the various touch points where guests or hotel staff would come into contact with Messerschmitt systems; and how our high-quality technology can make the experience of staying in your hotel even safer, smarter and more comfortable. Start your virtual Guest Journey here:

New Adina flagship hotel to open soon

The new Adina Hotel in Munich promises spectacular views over the city and the surrounding alpine mountain vista. Currently being the city’s highest hotel, the tower-like building even competes the adjacent Ferris wheel. Messerschmitt equipped the 234-room-building with keycard and room management systems. Our tailor-made wall readers and panels match the modern interior concept that combines Bavarian cosiness and Australian coolness. The hotel is to open its doors in September – we wish a successful launch and happy guests.

Get a sneak peak of the hotel at

Modern elegance: Invisible Line by Messerschmitt and HAFI

The “Invisible Line” is the first product line jointly presented by Messerschmitt and HAFI. We contributed its sensor-controlled locking system that allows contactless room access and therefore offers a both hygienic and comfortable welcome for your guests. The timelessly aesthetic design of the door fittings was created by HAFI, who gave door handle and rosette a clean shape with a great ergonomic feel. Please, feel free to contact us, if you want to learn more.

Talking about Messerschmitt ...

Join us, as we’re looking back on decades of technological achievements made in Germany, and the both challenging and exciting times ahead. Retired co-founder of Messerschmitt Systems, Dagmar Messerschmitt, sat down to talk with us about our company’s history of more than 30 years, about the current situation and the future. Read the entire interview: click here.

Messerschmitt receives ISO certification for quality management

At Messerschmitt, we never stop developing the quality standards of our products and services. Since 2018, in order to include an external viewpoint, we’re having our respective processes checked regularly by TÜV (German Association for Technical Inspection). In the course of ISO 9001:2015 certification, our range of products and services has been analysed not only in terms of client satisfaction, effective application of solutions, and conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, but also to what extend these aspects are subject to continuous development. We’re very pleased to have, once again, received the TÜV certification.

Reminder: extended delivery times for reorder items

Dear clients, summer’s up ahead and thankfully, in most countries, a relaxation of regulations can be expected. Therefore, we would like to remind you of checking your reorder items timely. We are facing a rising demand while still having to cope with Corona-related challenges along the supply chain, which may extend delivery times to several weeks. This specifically includes O-Key, our new ecological and hygienic keycard, conventional PVC keycards, and batteries for locks or sensors. Get in touch with us, we are happy to help you.

May we present: your keycard to the future!

Can a keycard open the door into a more sustainable future? O-Key can! O-Key, the safe and organic keycard presented by Messerschmitt, is the ecological evolution of classic RFID keycards. We call it the “ecolution” providing an appropriate answer to the challenges faced by the hotel world of today and tomorrow.

For your environmental certification:
- made from FSC® certified Ginkgo wood
- biodegradable material
- eco-friendly, IMPRIM’VERT®-certified colours are used for printing
- made in EU

For your hygiene certification:
- antibacterial material

For your budget:
- 10 % price advantage in comparison with Messerschmitt PVC keycards
- Special offer: 10 % additional discount on your first O-Key order

O-Key can be seamlessly integrated in existing locking systems, also those of third-party suppliers, without technical adaptations.

As you can see, more sustainability can entail various benefits! Get ready for the future: with future-proof solutions by Messerschmitt. With O-Key – the safe and organic keycard.

Learn more about O-Key:

Or contact us at

From Middle Eastern countries please contact us here:

Grand opening: Adina Apartment Hotel Vienna Belvedere

We send our best wishes to our client Adina Hotels, who celebrate the opening of the first Adina Hotel in Vienna, and the very first Adina Hotel in Austria. It was our great pleasure to plan and implement custom access and room management solutions for all of its 134 rooms spread over 7 floors. At Adina, guests reside in a cutting-edge design ambiance, while being able to choose freely between self-catering or the amenities of various hotel services. Fingers crossed that not only business travelers, but also tourists will soon be able to enjoy the modern comfort of the centrally located accommodation. Find out more at

Here’s to an early Spring for Hotel Business!

Happy holidays to all our customers, partners and employees who celebrate Easter this weekend! Springtime is a time of new beginnings. In this spirit, we wish a soon spring awakening for the entire hospitality industry around the world.

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