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Schloss Elmau, district of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

Equipping the venue of two G7 summits with access control and room control systems at 5-star level requires extensive experience and high quality standards. MESSERSCHMITT Systems brought both to bear in equipping this luxury retreat steeped in history – resulting in technically and visually sophisticated solutions that offer interfaces to existing systems as well as for future expansion needs.

About the project

After the building, which was almost one hundred years old at the time, was largely destroyed by fire in 2005, Dietmar Müller-Elmau, the grandson of the original builder Johannes Müller, rebuilt it as a 5-star superior hotel in the two years that followed. Today, Schloss Elmau is part of the alliance “The Leading Hotels of the World” and accommodates guests in the “Hideaway” in a total of 115 rooms and suites. Since 2015, these capacities have been supplemented by 47 additional guest rooms in the newly built neighboring hotel “Retreat.”


Like the property itself, the partnership with MESSERSCHMITT Systems also has a “history”: for its initial opening in 2007, the system specialist equipped this magnificent establishment with intuitively operated components for access control and room control, which at the same time served as luxurious highlights. Eight years later, the systems were extended to the neighboring “Retreat.” In addition to the bedrooms, the various entrances, the underground parking garage and parking lot entrances, and the back-of-house area were to be equipped.

If you stop getting better, you’ve stopped being good. This guiding principle unites us with customers such as Schloss Elmau, with whom we continually strive for optimal solutions in partnership.

Detlef Borowski, Area Manager South at MESSERSCHMITT Systems

Solution: Room management

By implementing the appropriate interfaces, MESSERSCHMITT Systems has not only mastered the connection to the “Fidelio” property management system (PMS), which was significantly co-developed by General Manager Dietmar Müller-Elmau in a previous role – it also solved the challenge of controlling and regulating the existing inductive cooling system via the room management system (RMS) in such a way that smooth hotel management and a comfortable guest experience go hand in hand.

Solution: Access control

The “Magic Eye” is an all-round modern access control solution in terms of technology and design. At the request of the owner and general manager, the HAFI fittings are customized in rose gold, making them fit perfectly into the exclusive interior style of the luxury hotel.

MESSERSCHMITT Systems offered another special service to Schloss Elmau during the G7 summits in 2015 and 2022: both times, an emergency technician was on standby at the venue to intervene immediately in the event of a system failure. However, since the systems fully delivered on their quality promises, this was never necessary.

In the very best of company