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Access control

Hotel locking systems: innovative access control for your hotel

Intelligent solutions for contactless access via keycard or smartphone

Our fully-integrated access control solutions with state-of-the-art RFID technology and optional Bluetooth connectivity offer you numerous special functions in addition to secure and convenient door opening. This includes cost-efficient integration into the Guest Room Management System without additional interfaces or separate data networks, enabling a convenient greeting scenario as well as various service scenarios.

Premium door opening

Modern RFID technology meets timeless elegance: the MESSERSCHMITT system includes an award-winning lever handle design and sustainable keycard that ensures a luxurious look and feel.

Opt for premium quality:

  • HAFI Design 311 designed by Studio F. A. Porsche
  • Installation height of just 4 mm
  • Integrated holding spring mechanism
  • Satin finish with polished design edge all around
  • O-Key keycard made from FSC®-certified ginkgo wood
  • With matt, antibacterial surface
  • Individual printing and finishing option

Magic Eye

Surface-reduced RFID card system with complete rosette fittings including self-locking mortise lock and anti-panic function

  • Bluetooth wireless standard
  • Door opening option via smartphone
  • Modern, elegant design language
  • Very versatile design
  • Many different surface finishes

Classic 3

Contactless RFID card system with security fitting for standard mortise locks

  • Prepared for access via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE, smart key)
  • Easy retrofitting
  • Uncomplicated handling: transponder card can be read in any position at a distance of 2 to 5 cm
  • Complex locking plans possible
  • Date and time programs available


Classic plug-in reader for RFID transponders (SmartCard and MagnetCard) for mounting on the door

  • Power-saving: up to 20,000 openings with a single battery
  • Simple and quick installation on solid-leaf and profile-frame doors
  • Emergency opening via mechanical cylinder
  • Panic feature (optional)


High-security lock system for controlled authorization of burglar-resistant, locked doors through access control

  • For escape, fire and smoke protection doors
  • Enhanced security through combined latch bolt

Hotel lock with latch bolt

Mortise lock according to DIN 18251-1, class 4, with whisper-comfort sound insulation

  • Safety thanks to latch blocking when the door is closed
  • Quiet closing of the door due to whisper latch

Magic Glass

Transponder card reader for controlling door openers, motor and dome locks, and potential-free contacts in online and offline systems

  • Subtle design (glass panel)
  • Several colors and materials available
  • Flush-mounted

Villa (surface-mounted)

Transponder card reader for outdoor areas

  • Can be integrated into existing Siedle intercom systems
  • Weatherproof
  • Robust against high mechanical stress (vandalism)

Tiziano (surface-mounted)

Transponder card reader for surface mounting

  • Easy to retrofit
  • Weatherproof
  • Inexpensive to purchase

Elevator reader

Transponder card reader for authorization-dependent activation of elevator panels

  • Flush installation in the elevator cabin
  • Elegant design
  • Possibility to authorize individual floors depending on card authorizations

PVC keycards

Stable and durable RFID keycards, optimally matched to MESSERSCHMITT access solutions

  • Icode SLIX2 as chip
  • Significantly increased security
  • Individual printing

O-Key organic keycards

Innovative RFID keycard made from FSC®-certified ginkgo wood

  • Sustainable thanks to being biologically degradable
  • Antibacterial
  • Icode SLIX2 as chip
  • Significantly increased security
  • Individual printing

Key fobs

Practical and sturdy RFID keyring for keys

  • Area of application: staff
  • Compact format
  • Available in multiple colors


Handy RFID wristbands for access to sports and spa areas

  • Areas of application: spa and fitness
  • Waterproof, light and robust
  • Practical format

RFID stickers

Compact transponder stickers for contactless authentication

  • Integrated RFID antenna and memory chip
  • Effortless and secure data exchange
  • Flexibility

RFID card encoder

Universal device for programming and evaluation of MESSERSCHMITT transponder cards

  • With integrated display
  • Optionally as tabletop solution, kiosk installation or card dispenser


Computer-based application software for managing access control

  • Straighforward and easy
  • For creating guest and personnel cards
  • Management of locking system configuration, locking and time schedules etc.


Web-based application software for managing access control

  • Multi-user support
  • Central storage
  • For creating guest and personnel cards
  • Creating and sending smart keys
  • Management of locking system configuration, locking and time schedules etc.


Cloud-based application software for managing access control

  • Runs on tablets and cell phones
  • For creating guest and personnel cards via internal tablet/cell phone NFC
  • Creating and sending smart keys
  • Management of locking system configuration, locking and time schedules etc.
  • Storage of all system- and security-relevant data in the cloud
  • This ensures high security and availability
  • Can be used anywhere

PMS Interface

Connection to conventional hotel systems (PMS)

Available interfaces:

Housekeeping Interface

Connection to conventional housekeeping systems

Available interfaces:

Safe and flexible: access control via RFID keycard or digital key

Inexpensive and reliable guest bedroom management is a key component of successful hotel management. Modern access control systems from MESSERSCHMITT Systems ensure a pleasant guest experience coupled with security in everyday hotel operations. The electronic hotel locking system makes it possible to open doors using a smartphone or RFID keycard. This allows for a fast and easy check-in process – regardless of the size of the hotel. A digital key means your guests no longer need to queue at reception, but receive access authorization contactlessly on their smartphone and can go straight to their rooms.

The electronic hotel locking system offers you a high level of security and flexibility. Access to guest bedrooms can be controlled electronically and centrally, as well as in real time. Whether a luxury hotel or a budget-priced hotel: we adapt the access control solution to your requirements. Invest in the future, improve your guests’ experience, and increase the efficiency of your hotel with innovative and customized MESSERSCHMITT technology.

MESSERSCHMITT products in practice

Experience access control solutions from MESSERSCHMITT Systems in use worldwide.


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