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Room control

Smart hotel room management systems: room control for hotels

Tailor-made and energy-saving guest room management system

While you create an individualized place for your guests to experience and relax, you personally benefit from optimized energy management, sustainable resource planning, and a long-term increase in returns for your hotel. Due to the customized design options of the panels and thermostats, all hardware components fit harmoniously into the design concept of your establishment and interfaces to all common systems can be created – so you can seamlessly manage all tasks concerning room control, reservations, room status, housekeeping and much more.

Customized room panels for your guest room management system

Offer your guests maximum comfort with smart control of lighting, shades, temperature and much more. With noble surfaces, pleasant haptics and intuitively understandable icons, the use of our room panels becomes an experience.

The choice is yours:

  • Material
  • Color
  • Shape
  • Frame
  • Touch or buttons
  • Feedback (visual, tactile or acoustic)
  • Up to 16 functions
  • Icons and/or text
  • Optional night mode
  • Customized products

Time to shine: Smart LED illumination of the keys




Sample surface finishes

Smart hotel room automation: our solutions for controlling lighting and climate scenarios

With elegant surfaces, pleasant haptics and intuitively understandable icons, the use of our smart panels becomes an experience.


Glass panels with flexible color and function selection

  • Text and symbols
  • Smart: From curtain control to light to temperature on the same panel
  • 2-way, 4-way modular design up to 16 buttons


Mechanical panels with flexible color, material and function selection, and with buttons in standard design

  • Text and symbols
  • Smart: Guest controls curtains, light, climate and temperature on the same panel
  • 2-way, 4-way modular design up to 16 buttons

Luxury Line

Mechanical panels with flexible color, material and function selection, and freely-definable button shape

  • Text and symbols
  • Smart: control of curtains, light, climate and temperature by the guest on the same panel
  • 2-way, 4-way modular design up to 16 buttons

Bell module

Smart doorbell system with convenient operation

  • Can be integrated directly via bus
  • Without additional wiring
  • Several ring tones possible

Bus coupler

Module solution for integrating own switch program into the MESSERSCHMITT bus system

  • e.g. for design luminaires with local pushbuttons
  • Control of signal lamps integrated in third-party pushbuttons possible
  • Two different versions: 8 x input or 4 x input and 4 x output, e.g. for feedback

RCX Controller

  • Main control for the room
  • 32-bit processor
  • 5 I/Os
  • LAN port
  • RS485 bus port
  • Optional connection to the locking system (via bus, radio and BLE)

RCA Controller

  • Slave module
  • 5 I/Os
  • Analog input, e.g. for floor temperature sensor (optional)

0-10V Gateway

  • Slave module
  • 0/1 to 10 V
  • 4 floating outputs, 4 analog outputs

DALI Gateway

  • Slave module
  • Transmission rate 1200 bit/s
  • Extensible through possible integration of up to 63 DALI ballasts
  • Addressing and grouping of DALI ballasts

Phase dimmer gateway

  • Slave module
  • 5 I/Os
  • Connection of high-power phase dimmers (via bus)

Ceiling motion detector

Detection range of 3.5 m with an installation height of 2.5 m

Integrated motion detector

Integration in all MESSERSCHMITT panels and thermostats possible (exception: Luxury Line)

Night light

Bus-integrated, dimmable night light (e.g. for mounting under the bed), integration of motion detectors for automated night light control possible

12V power supply

Application: system power supply

24V AC power supply

Application: e.g. for valve power supply

24V DC power supply

Application: e g. for supplying the DALI bus

12V DC power supply with emergency power module

Application: e.g. for use in elevators


Web application for overview of room controls

  • Manage your guest rooms: Light, temperature, room darkening and many more
  • View of alarms and control sequences, e.g. for the room temperature
  • Create procedures at checkout, e.g. automatic switching off of air conditioning

PMS interface (Property management system)

Connection to conventional hotel / property management systems (PMS) to manage all the processes:

  • Reservations, room bookings, room status, housekeeping, back office, front desk, CRM and much more
Available interfaces:

Housekeeping interface

Connection to conventional housekeeping systems

Available interfaces:

BACnet interface

The RMS can be connected via BACnet to building automation devices

Available interfaces:

Modbus interface

Connection of modbus-capable devices from any third-party manufacturer via the open industry protocol Modbus RTU Device

Integration via:

Keycard interface

Connection via room-level or server-server interface to solutions from Salto (also to Dormakaba as well as VingCard from Assa Abloy starting in 2023)

Available interfaces:

Room management interface

Connection to solutions from various system manufacturers

Available interfaces:

Revolutionize your hotel: smart hotel room management for maximum guest satisfaction

Intelligent technology solution for the hospitality of tomorrow

In the modern hotel industry, the need for efficiency and personalization is greater than ever. With our smart room management system solutions, we offer just that. In each of your guest rooms, the heating is automatically adjusted to manage the ideal temperature for each guest. Our intelligent hospitality technology even goes a step further by enabling precise, personalized settings based on data. In this way, the guest room management system not only ensures a comfortable atmosphere in every hotel room, but also reduces resources and costs for the hotel.

Saving time and energy with smart devices

Smart systems are designed to give you the best possible control over your space - whether hotel rooms or suites - while saving you time and energy. Room control can be conveniently controlled via app on the guest's own device (smartphone or tablet) or managed remotely via PC. This allows both guests and staff to individually manage the temperature of each room without the need for physical contact with equipment. Smart solution: By using hotel room automation, data analysis and machine learning, energy savings can be realized in the system without sacrificing guest comfort.

Cost reduction through intelligent hotel room automation in hotels

The benefits of smart hotel rooms go far beyond energy efficiency and time savings. In fact, hotels can realize significant cost savings by managing their space more intelligently. For example, our smart hotel guest management systems can manage to reduce heating and air conditioning costs by automatically adjusting the temperature per room based on guest preferences and weather. In addition, by using the data collected by the system, a hotel can further reduce operating costs and improve service quality as well as security. So with our smart technology, you can not only offer your guests a first-class hospitality experience, but also increase your profitability.

Tailor-made components “made in Germany”

This is how well-being and increased efficiency in your hotel go hand in hand: We perfectly adapt your guest room management solution to custom designs, functions and operating concepts.

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Keyless and app-free mobile access control solution for your hotel rooms

Smart, safe and convenient: Our locking systems, which are easy to integrate and expand, impress with their user-friendliness and a wide range of service functions.

Access control

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